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Pool Entertainment Products

We install a variety of entertainment products, such as, Water Slides, Volleyball Nets, Basketball Hoops and Diving Boards.

Vinyl Liner Replacement

Remodel your pool with a brand new look! Choose from a wide variety of premium-grade Latham vinyl liners.
Liner installation includes a 3-year warranty.
Click the link below to view samples that we offer.

Top-Of-The-Line Equipment

We sell and install a wide variety of in-ground pool equipment. We offer chlorine generators, ultraviolet sanitizers, variable speed pumps, automation systems, LED lighting, and much more!  We pride ourselves in not only providing hassle-free installation, but also educating our customers on how to use new Pentair products.

Automatic Safety Covers

For any new pool installation, customers have the option of adding an automatic safety cover. Created by CoverStar, these covers not only provide and extra element of safety, but also offer several energy saving benifits.

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